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Clugston Distribution is one of the leading independent bulk powder distribution providers.  With lightweight tipping and bottom discharge pressurised tank trailers, we can offer maximised payloads that accommodate a multitude of different products; supplying the market with bulk powdered materials 24/7, on a contractual and non contractual basis.

We offer unrivalled flexibility, short lead times and enhanced customer service for dry and granulated products across a diverse variety of sectors.

Our fleet includes pressurised  vacuum tanks, bottom discharge tanks,  tipping tanks and silo evacuation tanks which operate throughout the UK and Europe.

Customers include major manufacturers in the food, plastics, minerals, cement, construction and non-hazardous chemicals sectors.

Drivers undergo selection and ongoing training to ensure that they are fully compliant with the high standards of health and safety demanded by our clients, including MPQC (EPIC), FORS and Crossrail.

Our modern fleet incorporates the latest technology to increase safety, compliance and service and also weight saving initiatives to maximised payloads.

All vehicles are fitted with the latest telematics and transport management technology enabling vehicle and load track and trace, leading to the most accurate scheduling and forecasting so our customers know where their products are at all times.

Our expertise in the bulk transport of dry products and powders includes:

  • Fleet includes a wide range of capacities and configurations and trailers can be specified to suit customer requirements
  • Bulk tipping silos – full range of cubic capacity
  • Non-tipping tankers – full range of cubic capacity
  • Nationwide silo evacuation services (vacuum evacuation silos)
  • Highly trained and professional drivers

Products we transport include, but is not limited to:

Under our Waste Carrier’s Licence, we are also able to transport APCR (Air Pollution Control Residue) or Fly Ash and proficiently handle the waste transfer notes to ensure both legal compliance and a seamless delivery service.

Whether you are looking for quotation or have a question to ask please email:

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