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Health and Safety

Clugston Distribution Services is committed to providing working conditions that are safe and healthy for all employees, those under its control and those who may be affected by its undertakings, including members of the public.

Our company’s operations shall be carried out, so far as is reasonably practicable, in order that the health, safety or conditions of any person or property will not be adversely affected.

We are committed to providing adequate resources, information and training to ensure that the company can deliver its objectives which are set to achieve continuous improvements year on year.

Our Policy is implemented through the company’s health and safety management system which supports the requirements of HSG65 (the HSE publication Managing for Health and Safety) and our desire to deliver 'continual improvement'. The Directors and Managers are responsible for ensuring that the policies, procedures and standards are delivered and promoted throughout the business.

The requirements of our Health & Safety Policy are communicated to all employees and Health & Safety is actively promoted to all individuals through effective consultation.

The Health, Safety & Welfare of all employees and those affected by our undertakings is an integral part of our business performance.

Compliance with legal requirements is regarded as the minimum standard to be achieved at all times and we will also act in accordance with the standards of organisations to which we subscribe.

We shall review the Policy, Procedures and Health & Safety objectives periodically taking the appropriate action as necessary to ensure its effectiveness.