Silo Evacuation Services

As part of our 44t bulk powder transport operation, we operate both a ‘food products only’ silo evacuation tanker (vacuum tank) and a “polymer/PET” only vacuum tanker.

These vacuum tankers are used for planned maintenance transfers or emergency situations to vacuum products from silos, tankers or containers that are damaged or have contaminated product in.

The Polymer and PET silo uplift service is just part of our expertise of handling bulk products in tankers over the last 50 plus years.

Our service allows companies to deal with mechanical failure, or resolve contamination issues swiftly and efficiently, whilst maintaining ‘food grade’ hygiene requirements when using our food grade only silo tanker.

We offer a 24/7 service using our highly skilled and experienced tanker drivers for this specialist operation, and offer UK-wide coverage. We operate a menu pricing solution for this service so contact us for a quote for your planned maintenance requests or for your emergency needs. Contact our team on 01377 250167, or 07717 896 390 out of hours.

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Silo evacuation services

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