Clugston Distribution Services

Clugston Distribution Services is a leading transport service provider and one of the UK’s most recognised and respected road tanker and general distribution brands. Operating throughout the UK and Europe, we provide general distribution (full and part loads) and road tanker transport solutions to the bulk powder and bulk fuel sectors.

We have a varied and diverse customer base from SME’s to large multinationals, what doesn’t change is that we offer all our customers increased flexibility, effective demand management, first-class customer service and clear communications and visibility. Ultimately our service to our customers improves their competitive advantage that in turn bolsters their own client relationships.

The open culture at Clugston encourages all our employees to consistently look for continuous improvement as our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Contact us to see how we can work with you to deliver long term value by utilising the latest technology and experience to deliver world-class transport solutions that are fit for the 21st century.

Clugston Distribution operates the following business units:

  • Bulk Powder Transportation
    Food, Plastics, Minerals, Construction, Silo Evacuation Services
  • Bulk Fuel Transportation
    Petroleum Products
  • Commercial Vehicle Maintenance
    Breakdown Service, MOT, Parts, Repairs, Servicing
  • Low Loaders
    Assisting in recovering breakdowns
  • Curtain Siders
    Trailer services to keep your business moving
  • General Distribution
    General distribution, Warehousing

Each operating division has its own dedicated management team who are ready to discuss transport solutions to meet a wide variety of demands. All the teams work in partnership to ensure that continuity exists between clients’ enquiries and operations.

Clugston Distribution Services Limited trades in accordance with the FTA Model Conditions for the Carriage of Goods by Road / Storage of Goods in the United Kingdom (2018), and for non-UK shipments the trading conditions of BIFA (2017).

  • 6 UK locations

    6UK locations

  • 40,000 Full load deliveries

    40,000Full load deliveries

  • 700+ Active customers

    700+Active customers

  • 408m Litres of fuel delivered per annum

    408mLitres of fuel delivered per annum

  • 98 Years experience

    98Years experience

  • 200 Trailers


  • 100+ Vehicles


  • 24hrs 365 days operation

    24hrs365 days operation

Clugston Distribution Services

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