Bulk Fuel Distribution

Operating across the UK, Clugston runs a modern fleet of 44 tonne, 6 compartment tankers with pump discharge capability, and light weight pet reg tractor units. Our team offers day and night deliveries seven days a week with office support that focusses on understanding our customers' in-depth needs.

We can deliver from the Humber, Tyneside, Tees and Kingsbury terminals and look to bring our trademark quality and safety leadership to the fuel supply chain.

We will work on both a contracted and spot hire basis and are actively looking to expand our growing client listing.

Our product capabilities include: motor spirit (unleaded petrol, etc…), diesel, ethanol, biodiesel, bioethanol, aviation fuel (kerosene), gas oil, marine gas oil, fuel oils and other liquid chemicals.

We can offer a solution tailored to fit our customers’ needs, with our highly trained drivers able to deliver from the refineries straight to forecourts, marine vessels, distributors, commercial customers and airport bunkering facilities.

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Bulk fuel logistics

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